Stan Lee With Spiderman Excelsior Shirt

Not gonna lie, I love button prompt Stan Lee With Spiderman Excelsior Shirt, when they actually give a different outcome for missing them. Mortal Kombat X has QTE that if you fail to press the specify button you could still progress. But it missed too much then you’ll fail.
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I recall once in a game store Spider-Man 3 for XBox 360 was on for people to Stan Lee With Spiderman Excelsior Shirt. However it was just Spider-Man lying dead on the street with no way to restart the level. Didn’t win me over. Did Spidy get smashed by a Tron machine??… also this’s what happens when you don’t give a dam about not pressing the buttons… or maybe it was pressed & these Spidy’s are just an embarrassment.

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