Preserving America’s Heritage one junk yard at a time Shirt

I bought one last Saturday. I have the next two days off to grt it in Preserving America’s Heritage one junk yard at a time Shirt and see how it does on a long ride. So much hate being spewed over this bike. But the new bags are lockable, it rides smoother, corners better, has more power, than before. It’s a really wonderful machine. Most of my add on parts haven’t come in yet, some were on back order. But this is really a nice machine, and all the haters can go take a flying leap. Just move your old bikes over so I can pass.
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Can you post an update regarding your thoughts after a long ride – how long are you thinking of? tia. The 107. The dealer didn’t want to deal with Preserving America’s Heritage one junk yard at a time Shirt, they wanted more than MSRP and wouldn’t budge, but they made me a deal for under MSRP on the 107. About $4,000 less than they wanted for the 114. I’m happy with it. It has plenty of power, rides very very smooth, and it’s very easy to control in traffic and at low speeds. It feels a little jappy, but overall it’d great.

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